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500 W 33rd STREET,

NEW YORK, NY 10001


store & storefront design 


Theory’s new space at Hudson Yards is a true minimalist habitat, isolated from its surroundings behind a pair of 16 foot tall steel and glass doors. Significantly set back from the mall thoroughfare, Theory’s interior evokes a certain slowness, where attention can be paid to materials and details of both the collection and the architecture.

A true architectural study in materials and tectonics, exposed existing structural steel elements are contrasted by inserted volumes of plywood-formed concrete. These new concrete masses form the facade, fitting rooms, and private zones, dramatically anchoring the space. Cast with the imprint of their plywood form work, the concrete is expressive of both its making and inherent organic characteristics. 

Beyond the scope of a minimal architectural palette of concrete, steel, and glass, a collage of experimental materials are rendered in furniture objects. Cast resin, pine (the true inverse material of our concrete), polished lacquer, chrome, boucle and felted wools, all support a new dimensionality to the Theory palette. As if lines drawn in space, clothing hangs on rails of long continuous linear steel rod, extending out of the existing steel structure. Together, each of these elements create a truly varied and textural interior landscape.

Total area: 3,000sf

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